Tuesday 24 February 2015

How do you know you are ready to publish?

It’s taken forever, but you have the manuscript finished. The big question looms: ‘Am I ready to publish?’ If you think you are, here are 3 things to do next.

1.      Make sure you have edited your manuscript – not just once but several times. It needs to be free from structural errors such as character names, the colour of their hair or the place they live in changing halfway through the story. Ideally the manuscript is also free from typographical and punctuation errors.
2.      Research the publishers who are most likely to be interested in your manuscript. Don’t waste your time and theirs by sending to publishers who do not handle the type of work you have written.
3.      Send a fantastic query letter to the likely publishers. This letter is your (one) chance to make them want to read your work.

For examples of how to write a query letter (and also how not to!) try
as well as

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