Tuesday 26 May 2015


Yes! Softcopy is finally here.

Last year I was part of the HARDCOPY2014 Professional Development Program for emerging writers and as a follow-up to the program, decided to create an e-journal for recent writing by new and emerging writers.

Over the past couple of months I have been working with two other HARDCOPIERS, Lesley Boland and George Dunford, to produce Softcopy.

The inaugural edition features fantastic writing from the HARDCOPY2014 cohort. Thanks to everyone who has contributed. Every time I read your wonderful writing I feel inspired.

The next edition of Softcopy will be open to any emerging and unpublished Australian writer.

We will be calling for submissions soon for this next edition, so if you have something in the bottom drawer you would like to submit, we would like to hear from you. Find out more at Softcopy.
Happy reading.


  1. And thank you, Christine, for all the hard work and coordination on this project.

  2. It was a pleasure George. I learnt a lot from you and Lesley.