Wednesday 29 July 2015

What has HARDCOPY ever done for me?

Becoming part of HARDCOPY 2014 has certainly been a turning point. It has given me the confidence to pursue my writing.

When I wrote the application last year, one of the questions I was asked to answer was about what I hoped to achieve by being part of HARDCOPY. I remember thinking that making connections with the writing community would be a great outcome of the program.

Writing alone in my study is one thing, being part of a group of like-minded people is something else altogether.

One of the offshoots of HARDCOPY was the creation of a monthly writers workshop in Canberra. We get together to support each other with our writing and to remind ourselves that others value the cultural work we do as writers.

Last night we braved the cold to meet (where else?) at Tilley's. Our usual table was waiting for us, and we workshopped an eclectic mix of stories. So thank you HARDCOPY for the ongoing camaraderie, the sense of purpose and the wonderful group of writers I am privileged to call friends.  

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