Monday, 19 January 2015

Not Judging

What would you do if you really couldn’t judge a book by its cover? This is the proposition being offered by one Melbourne bookshop which is giving customers the opportunity to choose and buy a book in plain packaging.
The idea is not really new. We’ve seen it in other contexts; the ‘cleanskin’ approach to wine, the mystery hotel or destination booking and the good old lucky-dip. But will it catch on for books?

From a marketing point of view an eye-catching cover will attract the reader (and buyer), but in the digital age you can buy an e-book from a list (no cover in sight). When you make the download, many e-readers jump straight to page 1, by-passing the cover altogether. I have one friend who refuses to buy an e-reader for this reason. With recent data showing a 2.2 per cent jump in hardcopy book sales in Australia this past year, she's not the only one opting to see the cover first.

What do you think – is the cover an essential ingredient for a quality reading experience? 

Monday, 12 January 2015

Grand Designs

2015 opens up the possibility of a fresh start, a renovation or at least a makeover. 

I’m not referring to something requiring an architect’s plan although knowing the overall design, understanding the purpose of the various compartments, crafting the specifications for all the fixtures and fittings, and placing the details on the page seem apposite. 

I mean a re-write; in this case for my HARDCOPY novel. I’m taking it apart, adding a new room or two, improving the entrance for maximum impact and giving it a new colour scheme. 

Like all good makeovers, there is an estimated time to completion and an expected blow-out. Seems like I’m the project manager so here goes…

Adding a new room